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The Sports, Health, and Leisure department of Tatung was established since from 2009. The program provided is straight four-year day-time undergraduate study. Until 2012, student’s population on campus is approximately up to 250. On the whole, students are mainly composed of four groups. They are regular, baseball specialized, and basketball specialized, and else sports majored. These students with diverse specialties and individual way of training not only bring along a dynamic learning environment which encouraging vivid learning, but also create cultural influence and interaction on campus site. In spite of their differences, all the students, fulfilled their requirements, in the end will be cultured to go to the set track; that is, they share the common belief of life-long engagement in promoting healthy and leisurely lifestyles among themselves and to the communities they will serve in the future.

Educational Objectives

To advance in progressing vocational education concept by nurturing students with practice efficiency, diversity, and professional capacities, and furthermore to fulfill the goal set by our department - cultivating students become skilled specialists in sports, health, and leisure planning and management fields; and above it all, a ‘whole-person’ equipped with a knowledge of humanities and technology required. Therefore, the curriculum offered is designed by following two directions. One is assisting students to obtain five required professional licenses through intensive training, and the other is having their professional skills and knowledge nurtured and developed to meet the needs of the target industry in modern society. With a view to achieving the instructional goals set in advance, the motto we stick to our commitment is “Graduation is the moment to get-ready for employment.”

Distinguishing Features

The courses offered are designed to focus on three major categories - sports, health, and leisure - base on the requirements as a whole.

(1)Students becoming licensed sports specialists and leisure industry management specialties are both requested for increasing their future career platform and making contributions to national policies on exercise population growth plan and tourism development and tourism specialist’s requirements.

(2)Curriculum given is composed of both theory in need and practical skills required in three target fields.

(3)A large number of professional lectures given by off-campus experienced specialists are to strengthen students' on-hand ability for serving the demand of the related industries.

(4)Students are required to fulfill the requirements in both professional knowledge and in humanity, language ability, and computer techniques.

Professional teachers

one professor, two associate professors, four assistant professors, one lecturer, two baseball coaches, one department assistant, and several teaching assistants.


Teaching Equipment Resources

Teaching Equipment is budgeted and increased by year. The equipment and facilities we have available now are listed as follows.

(1) Teaching equipment and facilities: regular classrooms, language labs, project research classrooms, multi-media labs, body rhythm fitness classroom, two computer labs, and health and fitness measurement research center.

(2) Sporting equipment and leisure facilities: health fitness equipment center, bikes maintenance classroom, a basketball court, volleyball courts, a well-equipped baseball court, a softball field, a billiard instruction classroom, a table tennis field, a fishing experience and teaching pond, and water activities professional equipment, …etc.

Contact Information

address: No. 30, Sec.1, Xuefu Rd., Taibau City, Chiayi County 612, Taiwan (R.O.C.)

telephone: 886-5-362-1100#250

Fax: 886-5-362-2992

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